Stanford Labs

Successful innovations are fueled by collaboration and community, so Stanford Labs is building a network to unite key stakeholders in the futuristic innovation ecosystem. We host online forums and events to identify the most important ideas, challenges, and potential in futuristic technologies  - and to get you talking to each other about them. We facilitate sharing what works so that others can build upon proven successes. 

We help you translate your promising ideas into validated, marketable products and services that are ready to be used to improve life.

As a technology-led laboratory, we are uniquely poised to identify gaps between an idea or product and its feasibility, effectiveness, and sustainability in practice. We partner with industry to translate our partners' ideas into solutions that are optimized for meeting their personal, social, and financial goals. Our aim is to help launch ideas that work, sell, are used, and are loved.

Solving problems in futuristic technologies requires expertise from many different disciplines and backgrounds, which is why we invite people from all over to join us in our mission. Based out of Stanford Labs, we get to call the world’s leading incubator of innovative ventures our home - but that's just the starting point. Whatever your background, wherever you are from, we welcome you to join us and make Stanford Labs your intellectual home.